Health Management Information Systems(HMIS)

HMIS generate considerable data, but the information is rarely used because of concerns about bias, quality and timeliness.The HMIS compiles records about how many patients are being diagnosed with and treated for certain diseases. The actual data are meant to be collected and reported monthly by the individual health-care facilities employees to aid the management in decision making and monitoring the business aspect of their entities. However, due to lack of existing systems, lack of infrastructure, skills and knowledge, most organization do not realize full HMIS benefits. This is where we come in! We have expertize in OpenMRS and DHIS2 customizations in addition to a tailored made hospital management system called Pearl Smart Hospital(PSH).

Data Analytics

Big data is having a positive impact in almost every sphere of life, such as in aviation, banking, and health. Big data is a growing force in healthcare. Healthcare systems in Africa are, in relative terms, behind the rest of the world. Platforms and technologies used to amass big data such as the Internet and mobile phones are already in use in Africa, thereby making big data applications to be emerging. Hence, the key research question we address is whether big data applications can improve healthcare in Africa especially during epidemics and through the public health system.


The use of mobile money has grown exponentially over the past 10 years, making Africa (Especially East Africa) the global leader in mobile money innovation, adoption and use. While access to traditional banking services remains almost a mirage for most Africans, the near-universal availability of mobile phones has allowed millions to access mobile money services. Mobile money accounts now surpass bank accounts in the region, and greater financial inclusion has benefited large swathes of the population that remain unbanked, including women and those who are poor or young. Pearl HIC is soon launching its fintech platform to bridge this gap.

Research & Development

While the global economic outlook is improving, Africa needs to concentrate its focus on investment, to ensure that the recovery of its countries’ economies will be robust and healthy. One way to do that is through research and development, or R&D as it’s known colloquially. For Africa to have a thriving, knowledge-based economy, the public and private sectors need to collaborate. Academics and industrialists will have to work together, to make decisions for the greater good and to build the economy. We carry out research activites from idea conceptualization, implementation and reporting.

Data Collection Tools

Developing and sustaining a data collection and management system (DCMS) is difficult to most companies, organizations and institutions because of limitations in internet bandwidth, computer resources and numbers of trained personnel. We develop a standard methodology to produce, analyze and deliver plethora of tools, databases of harmonized indicators on any research activity we undertake. Our in-house team of experts create both online and offline data collection tools using ODK, Kobo Tools and our own customized data collection tool ggandaDataKit(gDK). We also hire out tablets for data collection.